Eridu and Adam and Eve

Question: Did Eridu have its beginnings when Adam and Eve went to live there or was it already up and running?

Answer: Steve Watson from Bond University says that,     

                 “we find that mud brick construction and sophisticated pottery styles are present from its inception, and that its first findings are set upon virgin soil. These features indicate that the origins of the Eridu culture lie elsewhere.”   

                 The pottery artefacts go back to about 5000 BC and what Steve says is true, there are some sophisticated patterns on the plates and jars etc. 

Genesis chapter 2 tells us that the location was arid. The name Eridu seems to relate to the modern word 'arid'. Genesis tells us that “there was no man to cultivate the ground,” but as soon as the Lord God brought water to the area people who had lived elsewhere went to live in the area and Eridu had its beginnings. The supply of water meant the land could be worked and used to produce crops.

                So if Eridu is where Adam and Eve went to live after they left the garden, (and it looks probable that it was), Eridu would already have been up and running as a viable city.