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Genesis for Ordinary People is a book by Paul Poulton

The book of Genesis continues to stand strong.

"Tell us what the former things were, so that we may consider them" (Isaiah 41:22).

On this site we'll have a look at some questions that people ask about the book of Genesis.

Although Genesis has been called mythological or even a fairy story, we find that Genesis holds together, makes sense and stands strong. And just when people begin to say it's outdated and obsolete we find that Genesis reveals itself to be ahead of us.

Written around 1,400 BC people in every succeeding generation have found the book helpful, and able to speak to their current state of knowledge and growth.

More information can be found in the book "Genesis for Ordinary People" - As the adventures in Genesis unfold we begin to see a plan clearly developing throughout the generations.

There are two other books that Paul Poulton has written in this series: Exodus for Ordinary People and God and Primordial People 

The "Aspects of Abraham" series (recorded for Living Stones) is now on YouTube.