Has Each Person Of The Trinity Appeared On Earth?

Question: Andy said “I have been fascinated by the ish/adam thing and have been doing some more reading and so I very much look forward to reading your findings. May I just clarify one thing from the book?        

On page 135 (of the first edition 'Genesis for Ordinary People') you quote Luke 3:22 as: 'Yahweh walked and ate with men, so too did Jesus, and the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in bodily form like a dove.' Is this your own translation or from any particular version as it is not quite the same in my usual NIV?"              

Answer: Thanks for the inquiry. Luke 3:22 is a reference not a quote (Note the absence of quotation marks in the book) - referencing the Holy Spirit descending like a dove. The point being made in the section of the book is that each person of the Trinity have appeared on earth in a corporeal form.

My book "God and Primordial People" takes a good look at the Adam/Ish relationship.