Eye Opener

Question: Ken said, "The eye couldn’t have evolved because it needs all its parts to function, and scientists have no answer for that?"

Answer: To say that the eye needs to be a complete unit before it works is misleading. 

A photoelectric cell will keep an elevator door open if you walk through the beam of light aimed at the cell. A biological cell receives light sensitive information in a similar way to a photoelectric cell. 

Early on in life’s development some cells reacted to light. For instance our skin cells need to react to light to make sure we get melanin to the surface of our skin, which gives us a suntan if the sun is strong. The suntan helps stop DNA damage. Skin cells contain rhodopsin, the same photosensitive receptor that the eye uses to detect light. 

God has given us a small insight into how he fashioned the eye over a long period, because a similar process occurs in a woman's womb as human eyes develop over a short period. 

Eyes, with their tightly packed light receptor cells, developed much the same way as any other animal body part developed.