Adam and Eve Ashamed?

Question: In Genesis for Ordinary People we are told that Adam and Eve began to make clothes from fig leaves to cover up their nakedness because they were ashamed. The question is then asked, "who were they ashamed to be naked in front of?" The book states that it probably wasn't each other because husbands and wives are not normally ashamed to be naked together. And it probably wasn't God because they hid when he came along. But doesn't that show that it probably was God that they were ashamed to be naked in front of?

Answer: No, because they were already clothed with the fig leaves when the Lord came along. It seems they hid - 'not' because they didn't want God to see them naked, but because they didn't want him to see them clothed, which would let the Lord know they both knew they were naked. Later in the book this is mentioned.