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"So far Genesis for Ordinary People has opened my mind up to a different look to the book of Genesis. I love how Paul speaks on your level making it so easy to follow along. If you want to learn more about Genesis then I would recommend to give this book a try." Review By mrconcertman (Verified Purchase)

"Poulton shows that many parts of the Genesis text that are supported by archaeology and science; however, he also encourages us to have faith even when we don’t understand... my opinion is that he is much closer to a correct interpretation of Genesis than the great majority of theologians. I think one of the greatest things about the book is he develops the stories of human-human interaction and human-God interaction and makes them real. He teaches many life lessons that we can take home and apply to our lives." Peter Waller

"Paul Poulton in his earlier book - 'Genesis for Ordinary People' writes with conviction and has an original edge towards humour which makes for an informative and entertaining read." Andy Major

"I like the precision and detail... a very good read indeed". Martin Trevor Hill

"Really enjoyed Genesis (for Ordinary People)."  Lynda James

"So glad that I got the hard copy. I feel you have open my eyes up to Genesis so much more. Thank you so much for writing it. I learned so much from your book that here in America some things you never learn about that was in your book. I will probably wait a year then read it again. And here I thought you were just a musician." David Ashley

"wonderful commentary on Genesis."  Becky Lagace

"I am enjoying your book on Genesis. You have a very nice writing style. I have similar views. I also think that Adam's descendants were the founders of Eridu. I read quite a bit of your book in Google books, and I ordered the Kindle Version. I really liked your arguments about Cain's wife and I am looking forward to studying more about Sodom and Gomorrah. I had never heard that information before, but it sounds really good."   Peter

"Reading your new book great read."  Andy Wardel

"I bought your Genesis book, which I enjoyed and learnt from, I wait with bated breath for Exodus (only another 64 books to write then)." Rev'd Andrew Neale

"It is insightful and very readable!" Martin

"Well done for taking this on!" Andy

"I've found your Genesis book really helpful."  Jesse

 "I enjoyed GFOP" Nic

"In his book Genesis for Ordinary People, Paul Poulton looks at the biblical phrase “heavens and earth” with a somewhat different perspective. He says that “the modern mind usually thinks of the globe when we say ‘the earth’ but to the people in those days that image wasn’t there. They saw the landscape of where they were standing with the horizon a few miles away, and the sky…” Perhaps even Poulton himself does not realise the significance of that assertion." Advent Christian Conference of New Zealand - Jefferson Vann

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Highland Theological College - (Genesis for Ordinary People & Exodus for Ordinary People)               

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