Exodus for Ordinary People - Ordinary People Reviews

"I want to say an especial thanks for the Exodus book and say just how much I am enjoying reading it (nearly finished!).

It has made me re-read the Scriptures with fresh eyes and see how God works through His Creation and I found your comments about the providential and miraculous most helpful." Rev'd Andrew Neale

"I am loving your book... Chapter 3 is so interesting" - Pauline

A refreshing and interesting book. Paul has researched the subject well and this is a book for all Bible students. He has given us an excellent insight into this period of Jewish history and although contains scholarly information and explanations it is an easy read...with its applications and challenges for Christian living in the 21st century. Review by Rev Iain M Waddell

"worthwhile book on Exodus, with a focus on the historical, chronological and geographical. In 29 short chapters Paul Poulton presents background material to the Book of Exodus and offers a paraphrase of the storyline."  Rev'd Dr Pieter J. Lalleman, Bible at Spurgeon's College (Read full review at Baptist Times)